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How to disable the Pop-Ups in AOL mail?

Isn’t it too much annoying to encounter ads while working in AOL email accounts? It not only interrupts your smooth flow of work but also makes you get delayed finishing the work. It is the situation when every AOL mail user looks for the ways to disable Pop Up Ads. The ads appear on the screen while reading or writing emails. These AOL pop up ads can be deleted temporarily by typing “disable AOL popup ads” in a new window of your AOL mail. But the problem may arise again and make you experience difficulty. Then, how will you fix this issue? You can follow a few steps to resolve the issue or else you can make contact on AOL mail customer service contact number.

A few basic steps are there to follow for preventing Pop Up ads in AOL mail. You need to change the settings to fix the issues in AOL mail. Let’s take a look at the steps mentioned here in the below-mentioned passages to fix the issues on your own.

The steps to follow for disabling AOL mail Pop-up Ads

Step 1 – Go to the AOL mail account > Sign in with your username and password.
Step 2 – Click on “options” and then on the “settings” tab > Then a new “Preferences window” screen will come.
Step 3 – Now, consider selecting and clicking on to “in the Pop-up windows section”.
Step 4 – Now, you can see a new pop up preferences page on the screen and then change the save settings.
Step 5 – Consider clicking on “ok” to confirm the changes which means that you do not want to see the AOL ads again.

So, have the issues been fixed or are you still experiencing the difficulty as you experienced before? For any query, you can call on the AOL mail customer care phone number. Also, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Other steps to disable pop up ads

Step 1 – First of all, sign in to your personal AOL mail account > Type the correct Username and Password to avoid further difficulties.
Step 2 – Now, click on the “email” button located at the left corner of the AOL Mail page.
Step 3 – At the next step, you must consider clicking on “New preferences Window”.
Step 4 – Now, a new and ad-free AOL window will open.

So, hopefully, the issues related to AOL mail will be solved easily. You just need to perform the above-mentioned directions carefully. Otherwise, if the issue has not been fixed yet, you can make contact with us. Our AOL mail customer support toll-free number is +1 866 501 0503. As we are available round the clock, you can get assistance from us anytime. Whether it is the issue related to AOL mail pop-up ads blocking or any other, we can fix the issues within a few moments.

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