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How to update Gmail App without facing any difficulty?

Very few people are there who are unfamiliar with the name ‘Gmail’. Those who use the internet and mail must aware of the features of the Gmail App. It’s a short term for Google Mail introduced by Google to make the users send and receive emails with access to the internet. For smooth functioning, improved look and to add extra features, Google has introduced an updated Gmail app.

Now, with the help of an updated Gmail app, you can avail of the simple and easiest mailing option. Whether you are using Android or iOS, the update is available for all. If you have any queries regarding this, you can contact me at Gmail customer care phone number. Here, you will get all the solutions related to your queries. Also, if you are facing trouble while using Gmail, you can call them and ask how to fix the issues.

However, have you updated your Gmail app to experience the latest features? If not, then it’s time to update the Gmail app. But, how to update Gmail? Here, you’ll get the most simple and easy solution here. Let’s take a look at the below passages.

What to do to update your Gmail app?
First, you need to open Gmail in a web browser. Then, look at the upper right-hand corner at the Settings option. Next, you need to tap the gear or cog. Now, you can find the “Try the new Gmail” option and need to select it to update your Gmail app. Let’s wait for the Gmail app to get updated. Once when it will get updated, you will be able to access a wide range of new features. Anyway, you face any difficulty to update the Gmail app, you can give a call on Gmail customer support phone number.

What are the features that can be availed after updating the Gmail app?

  1. The files can be seen without opening emails.
  2. The security features have been improved much. The malicious emails will be automatically marked with red bold-colored alerts.
  3. For quick responses, pre-written sample emails will be there. So, you can reply fast.
  4. Snooze option will be there to keep all messages on pause or on silent mode.
  5. You can also set high priority notifications to mark important messages.
  6. The emails which will not be checked will get pushed up.
  7. Unsubscribe option will also be there that you can access.

So, can you imagine how easy will it be for you to work on the latest updated Gmail app? Update it today to experience a smooth and effortless use of Gmail.

Though it’s easy to update the Gmail App, yet for an issue or difficulty, you can make contact with us. We are available 24*7 to take care of the issues that you are experiencing. Our Gmail customer support toll-free number is +18665010503. Give us a call to fix email related issues. Get in touch with us whenever you need our technical assistance.

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